Rezoning in Maple Crossing

Character sketch of United Way Building courtesy of RATIO architects.

In partnership with Flaherty & Collins, Midtown Indianapolis Inc. is undertaking the rezoning of multiple properties in Maple Crossing to create conditions for higher-density redevelopment. Sites include the former United Way building, 3901 N. Meridian, the Concord Building on the northwest corner of 38th and Illinois streets, and properties across the street that North United Methodist Church owns. “In order to breathe life back into that area, we have to rezone first,” Midtown executive director Michael McKillip told attendees at the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association meeting in March. “We will continue to reach out to any neighborhood association that has interest in or proximity to the area.” In addition to accommodating mixed-income multi-family housing units, McKillip said the development team is also looking to attract retailers, including a grocery tenant.

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