Spring–Summer Street Resurfacing

Spring arrives not only with blossoms and bees but also with orange traffic cones, detours, and delays as the city’s annual construction season commences. In April, the City’s Department of Public Works (DPW) announced an estimated $102 million in infrastructure improvements. Midtown repaving projects include the following:

  • Broad Ripple
    • 64th St. from College Ave. to Monon Trail
    • Carrollton Ave. from 64th St. to 66th St.
    • Compton St. from 61st St. to Broad Ripple Ave.
    • Ferguson St. from 64th St. to 67th St.
    • Guilford Ave. from Broad Ripple Ave. to 64th St.
    • Westfield Blvd. from Guilford Ave. to Winthrop Ave.
    • Westfield Blvd. from College Ave. to Guilford Ave.
  • Butler Tarkington
    • Capitol Ave. from 38th St. to 40th St.
    • Capitol Ave. from 46th St. to 49th St.
    • Hampton Dr. from Illinois St. to Meridian St.
  • Highland Vicinity
    • Kenwood Ave. from 29th St. to 33rd St.
    • Bridge at Capitol over Fall Creek
  • Mapleton-Fall Creek
    • 30th St. from Meridian St. to Central Ave.
    • Bridge at Central Ave. over Fall Creek
  • Meridian-Kessler
    • Washington Blvd. from 51st St. to 52nd St.
    • 40th St. from College Ave. to Monon Trail

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