11th Annual Community Justice Academy

For the eleventh year, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will conduct the Community Justice Academy during the month of October.

“Over the past ten years engaged community members from all over Indianapolis have joined us to learn more about the criminal justice system through the Community Justice Academy,” Prosecutor Ryan Mears said. “It is unfortunate that we cannot host this event in-person, but the virtual setting allows us to increase the capacity and reach more neighbors safely while still providing the same high-quality presentations and discussion topics.”

The free sessions will be held from 5:30 to 7:00 on Zoom. Topics include:

Wednesday, Oct. 6: Voir Dire: The Jury Selection Process
Through an interactive experience, attendees will get a firsthand look into the jury selection process and the important role of jurors in criminal trials.

Wednesday, Oct. 13: Dialed In: A Case Study Examining How Forensic Data Aids Criminal Investigations
This discussion will follow an investigation from the moment the detective gets the call through jury trial. The focus of the conversation will be on how forensic data can provide evidence in a criminal case and lead to a successful prosecution.

Wednesday, Oct. 20: The Intersection of Homelessness and the Criminal Justice System
Those experiencing homelessness face significant collateral consequences and recidivism when they enter the criminal justice system. This presentation will examine this issue and what agencies in Indianapolis are doing to break this cycle.

Wednesday, Oct. 27: Redlining and Its Lasting Inequities
Redlining is a historically discriminatory practice that put resources out of reach for residents in certain areas, a reality that has had lasting inequities on communities of color. This discussion will explore redlining in Indianapolis and the effects still present today.

Register for the event online.