College Ave. Business Snapshot – Upland Brewing Company

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Upland Brewing Company, 4842 N. College Ave.

Michael Gavin, general manager of the Upland Brewing Company Tasting Room, has grown accustomed to the Red Line construction project. As he left work late one recent weeknight, he barely noticed the equipment and crews as he trudged down the sidewalk to his car.

The next morning, he went in early and discovered the sidewalk missing. “It was inconvenient to say the least,” he said, laughing. “But we did get a brand new sidewalk after a couple weeks, so we weren’t too disappointed.”

Disappearing sidewalks aside, Gavin said the construction project hasn’t put a dent in Upland’s enthusiasm for its location or its clientele. “We know that we wouldn’t be where we’re at today if it hadn’t been for the support from our loyal friends and family following,” he said.

The College Avenue Upland is one of a handful of Indiana locations for the brewery, born 20 years ago in Bloomington, whose signature beverages are sold nationwide. For about nine years, it operated a small tasting room in a brick building it shared with different tenants, including a veterinary clinic, a homestead supply store, and most recently an upscale restaurant. When the restaurant closed last fall, Upland snatched that space. It now offers a full menu in addition to its critically acclaimed beer.

“With so much work being done on our block, we haven’t been able to open our garage door, which could give the impression that we aren’t open,” Gavin said. “But that hasn’t stopped the community from supporting us in our first year as a restaurant.”

Word is spreading fast that Upland has upped its offerings. Gavin said the shop relies on social media to keep regulars and new customers up to date on events and specials throughout the week. “We really feel we’ve been able to fill a need for the neighborhood by welcoming families. Our regulars have enjoyed the new food options, and once word gets out that we have a full menu coinciding with our beer and sour selection, we know we’ll have full support of the surrounding neighborhoods,” Gavin said.

And maybe beyond. The Red Line is set to open in September, with Upland’s 10-year anniversary celebration following shortly after. “Stay tuned!” Gavin said. “We’re just starting to plan.”

– Cheryl Reed


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