Broad Ripple Park Community Center Redevelopment

Conceptual rendering of proposed community center at Broad Ripple Park courtesy DMD.

On April 3, the Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) voted to adopt Resolution No. 2019-R-020. The Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) is now authorized to lease the Broad Ripple Park Family Center, 1426 Broad Ripple Ave., to BR Health Holdings LLC, a development team recommended by DMD to develop the site. DMD will begin negotiations and enter into a project agreement with the winning bidder.

During the 2018 Broad Ripple Park master planning effort, it became clear that the popular community center needed more space for programs and offices. According to Indy Parks director Linda Broadfoot, the department’s capital budget of $4.2 million precludes investing in new facilities. “We’re trying something innovative,” she said. Indy Parks partnered with DMD, which issued a Request for Proposals earlier this year for a public-private partnership to develop the site. Three groups submitted proposals, which were reviewed by a selection committee that included City staff and neighborhood leaders.

According to the DMD’s presentation [PDF] at the April 3 MDC hearing, BR Health Holdings LLC is proposing a $19.6 million project that will include office and program space for Indy Parks activities as well as space for Community Health Network to provide an unspecified range of health and fitness services. The project proposes to relocate the boat ramp and access drive west of their current location next to the pool and bathhouse—both of which remain in place.

The winning bid stipulates that the private entities will lease the site for $50,000 a year. The City retains an option to purchase the building and all improvements at a later date. According to DMD director Emily Mack, once the negotiation phase is complete and the design phase commences, there will be additional public engagement.