College Ave. Business Snapshot – Pots & Pans Pie Company

One in a series of posts in support of #CommittedToCollegeAve

Pots and Pans Indy, 4915 N. College Avenue

After nearly two years as a farmer’s market darling, Pots & Pans Pie Company opened its first brick-and-mortar store Thanksgiving weekend 2018 to immediate success. Five months later came the Red Line construction project.

But a funny thing happened as piles of gravel, construction machinery and orange cones clogged the streets and sidewalks: Pots & Pans found a whole new crop of customers.

“We love all the construction workers!” said Chelsea Wall, kitchen manager. “They always come in on their breaks and grab something to go.”

Seriously? But then again, if you’ve ever sampled the wares inside the cozy shop, you’d have pie on your lunch break, too. You don’t have to wear a Day-Glo vest to patronize the shop, of course. There’s a steady stream of customers at the shop whether its working moms grabbing dinner, hipsters or older people who can’t stop sampling Clarissa Morley’s modern take on traditional pie.

Wall said the company knew they wanted to be near Broad Ripple based on the reception they’d received at the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market in the early days of the business.

“This community really embraced us, so we knew this is where we wanted to open the shop,” she said, referring to a customer base that extends far beyond its SoBro location.

To ensure that base remains, Wall said Pots & Pans has doubled down on its social media presence, alerting customers and would-be customers to news about the latest obstacles and enticing them with mouth-watering photos.

For those who still grouse about the work outside, Wall says the staff tries to take a long view and get the customers to do the same. “It will all pay off in the end,” she predicted.

Pots & Pans is nestled in the bustling 49th and College commercial node, between the Sinking Ship and Ukiyo, with Greek’s Pizzeria down the way and Upland Brewing Company across the street. As the weather finally started to warm, she suggested that rather than tap the brakes, area residents take a different approach to enjoying what College Avenue has to offer.

“Don’t be afraid of the traffic!” she said. “We have a parking lot, and its finally nice out so park where you can and walk around this great neighborhood and support all of the amazing local businesses along the way.”

– Cheryl Reed