DPW Announces 2021 Construction Projects

Kessler bridge
The Kessler Blvd. West Drive bridge over White River was built in 1957 and last rehabbed in 1995. DPW photo.

The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works has announced $167 million in construction projects for 2021. Included in the list are several Midtown projects.

Work is underway on the refurbishing the five-span bridge at Kessler Blvd. West Drive over White River. Built in 1957 and rehabbed in 1995, the bridge needs replacement of integral parts of its superstructure, approach slabs, decking, curbs, curb ramps and railing.

Construction work will begin on the north side in 2021 and move to the south side in 2022. In addition to much needed safety repairs, connectivity will be improved with the addition of new sidewalks, including an extension to the Riverview Drive/Illinois Street intersection on the bridge’s southeast corner. Existing bridge lighting will be replaced with functionally decorative lampposts on each side.

Cost is estimated at $6.6 million. Construction will continue through 2021 into late Fall 2022.

Sidewalk/Trail projects

TR‐25‐006(B) CN – 13 locations within Pedestrian Crash Focus Area 9 that includes Crown Hill, Mapleton Fall Creek, Highland Vicinity and Historic Meridian Park neighborhoods. $717,400.00