Driver’s Licenses Suspended for Child Support Can Be Reinstated Through Good Faith Initiative

child support good faith initiative

Marion County residents who have had their drivers licenses suspended due to non-payment of child support have an opportunity to get their licenses reinstated.

As a form of punishment, license suspensions can have negative consequences to the ultimate goal of child support. Without a driver’s license, parents owing child support have more difficulty getting or keeping a job, which makes it less likely they will be able to meet their obligation. The Good Faith Initiative program through the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office is an attempt to break that cycle by offering an option to have the license reinstated — if the parent makes a good faith effort.

To be eligible, parents need to make an initial payment and enter into an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to continue paying a monthly amount based on their ability to pay.

When the program was first offered in December 2019, there were about 12,000 license suspensions in Marion County due to nonpayment of child support. Through initiatives such as the Good Faith Initiative and the Second Chance Workshops, the number of current suspensions has dropped to approximately 3,400.

On August 26, Prosecutor Ryan Mears announced the deadline for the program has been extended to September 15. In a statement Mears said, “This program is one of many designed for community members to fully participate in better employment opportunities and their children’s lives. The Good Faith Initiative creates a structured plan for parents to get back on track with child support and better contribute towards their children’s futures.”