Indiana Phenology Seeking Schools for Schoolyard Phenology Program

Monarch butterfly pollenating a coneflower
Photo by Erin Minuskin via Unsplash

by Timberly Ferree

Indiana Phenology is looking for eight schools to join its Schoolyard Phenology program.

Phenology is the study of natural phenomena associated with cycles and seasons. As part of its K-12 STEM programming, Indiana Phenology is seeking schools that would like supplemental climate education for students.

Public and private schools in Indiana can partner with Indiana Phenology at no cost. The organization can also assist with finding and applying for grants, as well as other funding to cover the cost of materials and field trips.

“Phenology is more than just learning about the seasons,” said AJ Weddle, Indiana Phenology director of development. “It’s a branch of science that will ignite a passion for nature and discovery. Through outdoor observation of plants and animals on school grounds, students engage in authentic science experiences, gaining an understanding of standardized protocols and use cases for scientific data while working together to answer questions.”

Indiana Phenology is non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Hoosiers of all ages to participate in citizen science.

“We are committed to developing and implementing engaging educational content, facilitating the state-wide collection of data, and making data accessible to policymakers, scientists, educators, residents and other stakeholders,” Weddle said.

Learn more and apply for the program at the Schoolyard Phenology Application website.

 Timberly Ferree writes for the Indiana Environmental Reporter where this article originally appeared.