Indy Opera Performances for Educators and Parents

The COVID-19 public health emergency has meant that the Indianapolis Opera has had to cancel or postpone its normal educational outreach programming. By creatively embracing technology, the company is able to continue championing the vocal arts through a series of videos targeting K-12 students. Downloadable curriculum helps seasoned educators as well as parents-turned-educators craft an appropriate educational experience for students.

  • K-5: The Tails of Cats and Mice. A children’s opera for young audiences based on stories from “Aesop’s Fables” set to music by famous opera composers.
  • 5-9: Vedem by Lori Laitman. Three excerpts from an opera that tells the story of boys living in a Nazi concentration camp who maintained a secret underground newspaper called Vedem throughout their imprisonment.
  • 6-12: Singing for Success is designed to teach fundamental vocal techniques, designed for middle school and high school students.