Marion County Prosecutor’s North District Team

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has several divisions, one of which is the Community Prosecution Division (CPD). To encourage community involvement in crime prevention, the CPD offers a variety of free community education programs, including Project Cybersafe, Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Burglary Prevention, Educating Kids on Gun Violence, Fraud Prevention, and Landlord Training seminars. CPD staff who serve Midtown are headquartered in IMPD North District.

Robert Reel

Deputy prosecuting attorney Robert Reel has served as the community prosecutor for IMPD North District since 2008. In this capacity Reel acts as a liaison between the North District community and the prosecutor’s office. He works with IMPD, Butler University Police, residents, and neighborhood groups to find crime-fighting solutions. Reel also gives educational presentations to community groups.


Abby Qualitza

Abby Qualitza recently assumed new duties in the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office as outreach coordinator for the North and Northwest districts. Previously, she worked with the prosecutor’s office for more than 15 years in Child Abuse and Child Sex Crimes. Qualitza attends meetings of neighborhood associations and civic groups and helps to arrange for presentations. Contact her at or 317-402-1411.