Mid-North a New LIFT Indy Neighborhood

Elan Daniel, Danita Hoskin, Mayor Joe Hogsett, and City-County Councilor Duke Oliver celebrate Mid-North as a LIFT Indy neighborhood. IMM photo.

On Nov. 5, Mayor Joe Hogsett and city leaders visited Tarkington Park to announce that the Mid-North area would become the city’s next Lift Indy neighborhood.

This comprehensive community development investment program aims to direct federal and local funds into select Indianapolis neighborhoods over a three-year period. “We want to preserve the economic and demographic diversity of the neighborhood,” Mayor Hogsett said in brief remarks.

Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation (MFCDC) submitted Lift Indy application. Elan Daniel, MFCDC executive director, said the Lift Indy investments will help make the organization’s vision of a diverse and inclusive community a reality.

He said the funding will support the Central@29 project, a 56-unit integrated supportive housing development with units reserved for families and individuals experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Supportive services, including comprehensive healthcare services will also be a part of the mixed-use project.

An Affordable Rental Housing Program will also be established to construct 11 new affordable units scattered throughout the district.

Daniel added that another project will be an Early Childhood Education Center that is expected to include new construction of a daycare facility and establishment of a scholarship fund for low-income families to access quality childcare.

The City and MFCDC have asked Midtown Indy to lead a Food Equity & Access Initiative in partnership with the Kheprw Institute. The goal is to develop a grocery operation at 38th and Illinois and to promote equitable food access and transform local food systems.

“Midtown Indy is honored to collaborate with stakeholders at all levels to bridge the gap between the food desert and the food oasis within the Midtown community,” said Midtown Indy executive director Michael McKillip. “While we recognize that a grocery store is a key component, so too are efforts to enhance local food production and distribution and to eliminate gaps in access. We join our partners in celebrating the LIFT Indy announcement and thank Mayor Hogsett and DMD for creating this catalytic neighborhood investment strategy.”