Red Line Construction Update

Workers install mountable median on College Avenue. IMM photo.

Construction of the Red Line continues, and in mid-July final lane configurations are being placed on College Avenue and Meridian Street. This includes complete new pavement markings and installation of the mountable median.

Left-turn restrictions will begin as the median is installed. The installed curb will restrict left turns at all non-signalized intersections. Left turns from College Avenue and Meridian Street will be allowed only at intersections with traffic signals.

Crews will work from north to south to install the new median on College Avenue and will move to Meridian Street as repaving is complete.
IndyGo has posted videos to help transit users, pedestrians, and drivers visualize the new lanes, stations, and pavement markings. Videos of Midtown stations include 54th & College Avenue and 30th & Meridian Street. All videos are available for viewing at

IndyGo encourages drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists to watch the video animations. “These videos accurately show the lane markings, station locations, and turning movements that drivers will need to learn,” said Justin Stuehrenberg, vice president of planning and capital projects for IndyGo.

Additional construction includes the installation of traffic signal loops that are embedded in the pavement. These work areas will require temporary traffic restrictions and traffic control measures. On-street parking will be restricted while streets are striped for lanes and parking.

According to IndyGo, pavement resurfacing on Meridian Street in July will require temporary on-street parking and traffic restrictions for several weeks. Drivers should expect to encounter temporary traffic controls and/or lane closures. As occurred on College Avenue during construction, drivers may at times be diverted off Meridian Street.

Final concrete surfaces will be placed at the Meridian Street station platforms, requiring short-term lane closures on Meridian Street.

The Red Line will run 13 miles through Indianapolis from Broad Ripple to the University of Indianapolis. The nation’s first all-electric bus rapid transit line is scheduled to open for service on Sunday, Sept. 1. The entire IndyGo system, including the Red Line, will be free to ride the entire month of September.