Rocky Ripple Levee Project Update

AECOM map.

On March 11, the Indianapolis Board of Public Works (BPW) voted to award a $972,000 contract to engineering firm AECOM to serve as technical representative for the City of Indianapolis throughout the completion of the White River-Rocky Ripple Flood Damage Risk Reduction project. This locally funded levee project (LD-10-006) is designed to remove many special flood hazard properties from the floodplain. 

AECOM services will include final project planning, permit coordination, land acquisition planning, land survey, preliminary engineering design, and oversight of design and construction delivery.


In February 2017, Mayor Joe Hogsett and DPW announced a $10 million commitment to explore local flood damage reduction projects for the Town of Rocky Ripple.

Saving Rocky Ripple?

In July 2018, a study prepared by AECOM [PDFlarge file] outlined 3 alternatives for constructing a local project. In November 2018, the Board of the Town of Rocky Ripple resolved both to accept Alternative 3 from this study as the preferred alternative for a flood control project, and to support the recommendation of a local flood control improvement district to help fund such a project.


Flood Control Legislation Buoys Rocky Ripple and Warfleigh

A flood control improvement district was established in spring 2019 to fund the project, using the description of Alternative 3 from the 2018 AECOM study as the location of proposed flood control works. The map of properties included in the flood control improvement district is here. [PDF]