Great Places Attract New Businesses

April 25, 2018 0

Since 2014, when the area around 38th and Illinois streets was designated a “Great Place” as part of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s Great Places 2020 initiative, entrepreneurs have stepped up to invest in the […more…]

Two New Neighborhood Plans

June 30, 2016 0

As Gertrude Stein might have said, a plan is a plan is a plan is a plan—unless it’s not. Take, for example, new initiatives in two quite different parts of Midtown. One is recognized as […more…]

Strategic Opportunities Abound

January 12, 2016 0

by Michael McKillip Change either happens to you or for you. After decades of having change happen to us—and not always in a positive way—Midtown and its partners have dedicated themselves to be proactive. We […more…]

Great Places 2020 Plan Draft

January 10, 2016 0

Since the area surrounding 38th and Illinois streets was designated a “Great Place” by the City of Indianapolis and the Local Initiatives Support Corp (LISC) in 2014, five public planning sessions have sought to craft […more…]