The Spider Gets a Makeover

Reconnecting to our Waterways (ROW) allocated $90,450 to Destination Fall Creek in 2014 for a plan and design to transform the spiderlike intersection at Delaware Street and Fall Creek Parkway from a jumble of signs, streets, and disconnected greenspaces into a bike and pedestrian-friendly greenspace called the Delaware Gateway. After years of planning, the City is now evaluating bids on the reconstruction of Delaware Street from Fall Creek Parkway to 28th Street. Curbs, sidewalks, and a public plaza will be added on the east side of the project. Washington Boulevard will be blocked off and planters will be added along the Fall Creek Bridge. Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation (MFCDC) has been managing the ROW grant that developed the plan and also issued a call for proposals for a major piece of public art in the plaza. Rocky Ripple artist Scott Westphal and his work Silver Fall was selected. While the City project includes lighting infrastructure for the plaza, installation of the artwork will be funded separately and occur later. Citizens Energy Group will also undertake work along 28th Street to preemptively address combined sewer overflow issues in the area.

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Rocky Ripple artist Scott Westphall’s “Silver Fall.”

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  1. I see this project is underway. Anyone have the latest renderings of the completed project? Any idea how long till it should be completed? I have to bike through this area to get from Fletcher Place to Shortridge and would love a better cycling experience through there.

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