Transit-Oriented Development Includes Affordable Housing

Rendering of proposed building
Rendering courtesy of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development

Redline Holdings VI LLC has received approval to construct Broadway Apartments, a mixed-use development on 38th Street in Watson Park across from the Park Avenue Red Line station.

The 48,900 square foot proposal would replace three deteriorated apartment buildings on four lots, and involve an alley vacation that will close off a curb cut on 38th Street. The project includes 28 one-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units along with 1,630 of commercial space for a neighborhood-serving retail establishment.

The development team is seeking low income housing tax credits to subsidize the affordable housing units. The Watson Park neighborhood association land use committee received commitments from the development team that include a privacy fence along the south perimeter, a limitation on hours for trash hauling, and assurance that there will be no light spillage onto adjoining residential properties.

The proposed landscaping plan adds numerous street trees to 38th Street, Broadway, and Park Avenue which not only have environmental benefits and visually soften the hard edges of the built environment, but also would calm traffic on the busy corridor.

A total of 31 parking spaces will be tucked behind the structure with access via Park Avenue.