Treasures of Ancient Greece – Through January 5, 2020

The Children’s Museum, 3000 N. Meridian St.

Featuring more than 150 objects including scientific inventions, sculptures, jewelry, armor, vases, and more, Treasures of Ancient Greece explores history and mythology and reveals how the ancient Greeks continue to influence sports, government, entertainment, and beauty today. The Children’s Museum has partnered with Greece’s Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports to create immersive programs and one-of-a-kind interactive experiences in this exhibit. Build a temple, design a vase, or assemble a mosaic artwork to spark your creativity. Take the stage to discover the dramatic arts, explore advancements in ancient technology, and learn about the Antikythera mechanism, the world’s first analog computer. Help Hercules complete his 12 heroic tasks, or try on armor and strike a pose like Athena! Race against other runners in ancient festival now known as the Olympics, or attend an ancient Greek assembly. This exhibit requires an additional ticket plus general admission.

Then take a flight to modern Greece in the Take Me There®: Greece exhibit and experience one of the most culturally rich countries in the world—without leaving Midtown! Discover contemporary Greek art, food, music, dance, and architecture. Learn how to say hello and other phrases in Greek. Cast nets for fish, fill bottles with olive oil, and bake bread and baklava. Gather local foods, prepare authentic meals, and share them in the Taverna (restaurant). Learn how to care for rescued loggerhead turtles. Included with museum admission. DETAILS

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