Violence Prevention Billboard Campaign

A series of billboard messages featuring art concepts generated by young residents aims to prompt deep reflection on the causes of violence. The billboards are the result of a collaboration between Reagan Outdoor Advertising, VOICES Corporation, and the Marion County Prosecutor’s office. Shaneice Brown, Ronnelle Collins, Destiny Hatcher, and Bodler St. Louis contributed to the design concepts. “I believe that through genuine conversations, we can save each other,” said Shaneice Brown. “And that’s the impact that we really wanted to accomplish here. We wanted to start a conversation with rippling effects.” Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears added, “When we empower and engage the community, especially our young people, we can create a safer and healthier community.” Billboard locations within Midtown include 3363 Capitol Ave., 2170 54th St., 3859 N. College Ave., and 5602 N. Keystone Ave.